1. I have just finished watching this beautiful film by Makoto Shinkai. I am so lucky with Japanese animation films, I always seem to really enjoy the stories and the art so my time devoted to watching them are always wisely (at least, in my opinion) spent.

    My nihongo professor told me the director, Makoto Shinkai is one of her favorites. She made our class watch a portion of it earlier and I must say, my heartstrings were pulled tightly by this film. 


    The other film I watched before this was The Garden of Words. It was a love story as well and was good too. There is just a different kind of charm when the story is about children, like in this one. I loved the Wolf Children too.

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    "If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?"
    "In every situation, choose love."
    "When is it most difficult to choose love?"
    "When it involves someone close to you."

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    Book cover design for this wonderful book by Dr. Seuss. Man is a legend. Posting the rest when I get my work back!

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    The magnificent Wendy MacNaughton – illustrator of marvelous things and existential insights – is back with a heartening open letter to the internet. Einstein would nod in agreement, as would Amanda Palmer.

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  5. "The knowledge of foreign cultures is a vital element of any culture; I don’t believe we can ever have enough of it. A culture must be open to foreign influences if it wants to keep its own creative power alive."

    Paris Review conversation with Italo Calvino.

    Because, as Anaïs Nin put it“It is a sign of great inner insecurity to be hostile to the unfamiliar.”

    Pair with Calvino’s heartening new year’s resolution, his wisdom on writing, and his thoughts on America.

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  6. "People are like stained–glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."
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  7. I am grateful for this woman. :)

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